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Advertising, technology & media

Today, technology, advertising and media are part of our daily lives and have become inextricably linked.

In advertising, there's a big difference between pushing the truth and making false claims. Is a product really "scientifically proven," and are "results guaranteed"?

Most of us have been victims of false advertising. The question is, will companies change their marketing policies, or continue to prioritize profits over the consumer's right to know?

We TRY TO understand the issues, speak the language, navigate the legal complexities expertly, and represent our clients with the most professionalism.

We have the knowledge to help guide you through the legal and contractual challenges. If it involves the use or creation of technology or the use or reliance on data, we can help, that is what we do.

Our team helps clients in relation to the use of social media, television advertising agreements, merchandising, rights clearance and the protection of digital portfolios.

We understand the real issues businesses face today – problems like data protection and storage, business continuity and information security are our business. We make it our job to understand your technology and as genuine specialists in the sector this will not require hours of training from you.

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