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Dispute resolution

Because disputes in business are common, building a relationship with skilled commercial dispute resolution lawyers can give you a clear advantage.

Our team know the techniques and legal principles to resolve issues promptly and conclusively. 

As all disputes differ we will take the time to understand your specific circumstances so you have a lawyer who appreciates your situation and has the knowledge to pursue the outcome you require.

Where necessary we will also handpick a commercial dispute resolution team for your situation, drafting in specialists from elsewhere to maximise the likelihood of a successful outcome.

The advice we give is unambiguous and based on extensive knowledge and expertise. You will be kept in the loop throughout the process, and any measures we take will be considered shrewdly and executed promptly.

We will work with you to agree the best possible approach to funding the cost of any dispute. We have access to third party litigation funding and can offer a mix of fixed fees, deferred payments, ‘no win, no fee’ or ‘no win, low fee’ terms to make funding claims or defence affordable.

Talk to us about

  •   Litigation, arbitration and mediation
  •   Commercial and contractual disputes
  •   Boardroom and shareholder disputes
  •   Partnership disputes
  •   Intellectual property claims
  •   Insolvency claims
  •   Claims against company directors
  •   Professional negligence
  •   Technology and IT disputes
  •   Warranties on the sale of businesses or goods