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Intellectual property

Your intellectual property (IP) is one of your business’ core assets. Our intellectual property lawyers will help to stop other parties from misusing or exploiting it.

We will identify which aspects of your IP need protecting and explain why doing so will help your business.

As our intellectual property lawyers can explain, we can take numerous measures in connection with your commercial relationships to prevent the unauthorised commercialisation and exploitation of your IP and to ensure that the value of your IP is properly harnessed and utilised.

Copyright, patents, database rights and trade marks all form a core part of your IP portfolio and in order to ensure appropriate protection we can tap into our international network of trade mark and patent agents. No stone is left unturned in identifying, protecting and commercialising our clients’ intellectual property.

Commercial arrangements such as advertising and distribution agreements all have major ramifications for your IP. We will cut through any complexities, explain the concepts involved in clear language, and guide you through the process.

If your goal is to protect an idea which cannot be protected via patents, our intellectual property lawyers will draft confidentiality provisions with your partners so that you can negotiate with confidence.