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Enforcement of Arbitral Awards

Time was when the only challenge for claimants and their counsel was to obtain an arbitral award. Thereafter, respondents would pay without the need for the successful claimant to take further measures.  Today, however, there is considerable evidence that arbitral awards do not automatically produce financial remuneration. Rather, prospective or actual award debtors may engage in further litigation or take steps to make awards difficult to enforce, through secreting of assets, fraudulent conveyances or other activities.

The conference will examine the increasingly important issues of award enforcement through counsel experienced in representing both award creditors and debtors.  The challenges in locating and levying on hidden assets will also be discussed as will issues arising out of awards against foreign sovereigns.  Panelists will also discuss steps that  may be taken in advance of awards, including obtaining attachments to secure payment.

The conference will consist largely of panel discussions each with four to six speakers, including a moderator. Each panel discussion will be 90 minutes in length. Although panel members may present some prepared remarks, the bulk of the panel discussions will consist of interplay among speakers and the moderator as well as persons from the audience. The emphasis will be on communicating with the audience through discussions of actual cases.


Thursday, September 28, 2017. Hogan Lovells – 875 Third Avenue, New York, New York.

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